At IDEA you shall find that the teaching approach and methodology are unique, with focus on global business, technology application and developing leadership skills. As a student at IDEA, you will have many opportunities to learn from various experts, as well as to develop own leadership skill and style. But above all you will be able to develop an in-depth understanding of subject and decision making, especially through interplay of technology and entrepreneurship with emphasis on ethics in life. We now live in a world economy where knowledge and not mere building and machinery alone, are the chief resource and where knowledge-workers constitute majority of the work force. A unique characteristic of knowledge is that it is mobile and transferable. It belongs to the employee and not to the employer. And it is this knowledge that is highly marketable today.


In the orientation week, senior students familiarize the fresher with life on the campus, course structure, apart from getting to know each other. In addition, a short module is conducted on values and etiquettes, health & hygiene, local customs, ethos and general management. Students are also given an overview of the entire syllabus at the department level.

Case Study Approach

Besides regular lectures and interactive sessions, case studies are used as a powerful tool in the learning process. This gives students the opportunity to study real life scenarios and equip themselves to handle situations that they have learnt in their regular curriculum.

Soft Skills & Practical Applications

The program lays emphasis on developing useful, practical skills. Students participate in informal, interactive sessions on creative right brain thinking, problem solving, time management and transactional analysis for hands on learning, including making presentations / assignments.

Group Discussions

Discussing ideas in a group is one of the best ways to solve problems and find valuable solutions to business issues. It is imperative to provide an open forum for discussion where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas.

Group Projects

Students are required to take up live projects from industry. They analyze business issues.

Topic Presentation

The module has been designed to increase the general awareness about contemporary matters as well as domain knowledge and improve the individual’s presentation skills.

Book Review

The basic purpose of this activity is to increase the vocabulary as well as written communication skills and inculcate the habit of reading into the minds of the students.