The Online-Distance-Learning (ODL) system is a unique and challenging mode of education offered at the University level. This system provides ample opportunities for those who desire to have University education at their place of work or residence. This method is popularly known as Online Distance Learning. It is perhaps the only way to meet the ever-increasing demand for Higher Education especially in a developing country like India. Online Distance Education programs are specially designed for:

  • a) Candidates who discontinue their formal education owing to pecuniary or other circumstances.
  • b) Candidates residing in geographically remote areas.
  • c) Candidates who cannot get admission to a regular college / Post-graduate department.
  • d) Employed persons who cannot pursue their study as full-time candidates.
  • e) Individuals who wish to pursue learning for Growth/Better Opportunities/Promotions/Salary hike sakes.
  • f) Candidates who wish to enhance knowledge and skills.

The Online-Distance-Learning (ODL) system is perhaps the only system that has been planned in such a way that it is able to cater to all those who desire to seek Higher Education in spite of the fact that they are in a disadvantageous position due to social, economic, spatial and such other reasons. Also to cater to the increasing demand for Higher Education, flexibilities in terms of age, qualification, location, time, etc., have been introduced to the maximum extent.

Online Lessons

Our internet based lessons are offered as a combination option for students on one of our blended learning courses or to students on a one-to-one course. They offer many advantages to people on the move:

  • Less appointments at a center
  • Greater flexibility in scheduling
  • Self-teaching anywhere there is a PC, Cell Phone & Laptop (in the office, at home, abroad)
  • Combines traditional course efficiency with the advantages of distance learning
  • Option of recording passages and dialogues and comparing them to standard pronunciation
  • Rapid assimilation of the lesson covered with an instructor